Our Missions

Soon after the launch of the Normal Life campaign, we realized that we can use the enormous potential that this campaign has created to show individual and social human rights and to achieve human rights in Iran.

Therefore, we decided to expand our activities and carry out small and large projects to familiarize and practice democracy and human rights in Iran, as well as to fight to break the Islamic Republic’s propaganda machine.

After several online meetings with the members of this campaign outside Iran and the people inside Iran, we set specific goals so that we can work for the benefit of the people inside Iran by purposefully planning against cruelty and inhumane laws in Iran.

Examples of these goals are: 

Familiarity and study of human rights explained in the United Nations

Familiarity and practice democracy 

Familiarity and study the rules and principles of competitive economics

Familiarity and comparison of capitalism and other systems 

Familiarity and study of secular laws and secularism

Based on these goals, we started activities that, of course, from the beginning, we faced harassment and threats from the agents of the Islamic Republic inside and outside Iran. But patriotic Iranians will continue on their path with power and based on the freedoms that living in a free society gives us so that the authoritarian and ideological regime will be completely erased from Iran and the honorable people of Iran will live freely.