Normal Life Campaign


We are Iranian-American immigrants who were forced to leave our homeland due to the restrictive laws enforced by the government of Iran. 

After living in the US for a few years and experiencing freedom and democracy, we learned how civic education and integration of immigrants, their awareness and participation can help build and maintain democracy. We came to realize how one of the foundations of having a healthy democracy in Iran, which is civic education and public awareness, has been missing due to Islamic Republic’s censorship of the press and restrictions of free flow of information to their citizens. We found that it is our duty to increase Iranian people’s awareness, by sharing our experience and joyous feeling of living in a free and secular society.

To this end, we started our journey by  posting  tweets that demonstrated our daily lives with individual and social rights in a free and secular society.

These posts were received very positively by the people inside Iran. We received responses  every day asking us to continue our efforts and show them the normal life in a democratic and free society.

We introduced #NormalLife  on Twitter and it  quickly  became  popular. Iranians around the world joined this campaign by tweeting snapshots of their normal lives as well in secular countries and soon this movement  became one of the most popular trends across Persian Twitter.

Our journey hasn’t been an easy one. Since we gained popularity, Iranian government  propaganda machine started targeting our campaign, and attempted to disrupt  our messages.  But these attacks failed to stop our campaign.